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Websites with CMS (Content Management System)

The future of the ‘content-managed website’ is here!

In today's high-tech environment there is the need for maintaining our own content on the web, this is becoming paramount to progress. Individuals and businesses can now have their own direct marketing tool and vital extension to the Worldwide Web. Updates and adjustments are now just a moment away from your fingertips and your customers!

Custom-made responsive website design

Self publishing websites can be very economical for your business in time and cost. As well as self-determination on the web, a Content Management System will give you the freedom to implement complex and dynamic technologies into your website, with just a few clicks! Backend technologies are handled by the host provider, enabling you to avoid any additional costs and the stresses of commissioning third-party content integration.

Content management system structure diagram

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As well as setting up WordPress websites for our clients, we prefer CMS systems supplied by The Imagefile for their:

  • Forward thinking development team
  • Award winning telephone support
  • Affordability and choice of packages
  • Simple interfaces, information and terminology
  • Full dynamic content intergration options
Although being a fantastic solution to starting a web presence, a content managed website is not for all. It is worth taking some time to consider the pros and cons, as every system has its benefits and its limits.

Pros and Cons of a Content Management System

(compared to using a web design company to build a custom website manually).

CMS Upsides

  1. You will have control of your website.
  2. Non-technical members of staff can edit and publish content.
  3. Multiple members of staff can edit your content at one time.
  4. Time can be focused on development of content and not technical structure.
  5. Cost savings are made as ready-made technologies are instantly available.
  6. Cost savings are made by avoiding updates by a professional design company.
  7. The entire look and feel can be changed instantly.
  8. Cost savings are made by avoiding website maintenance.

CMS Downsides

  1. There are some limitations to content layout.
  2. Timely staff training of CMS.
  3. Average web users will take longer to achieve desired results compared to an experienced web designer.
  4. Average web users will (unknowingly) cut corners.
  5. Design appeal is dependent upon the skill of its user.

For more information about content managment systems contact Magic Beans today 01780 844 410 -

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