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Corporate ID (Identity Design)

Corporate identity brand marketing agency
Get your brand image and message right from the get-go!

Professionally designed, brand identity is one of the most important things when establishing your company. It promotes success and quality, reassuring your customers and promoting your business at every opportunity.

Magic Beans can take you through the whole re-branding process from start to finish. Designing stationery sets, vehicle livery, shop signage, brochures and catalogues etc.

Identity Branding Items:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Compliments Slips
  • Vehicle Livery
  • Websites
  • Shop Signs
  • Brochures
  • Stickers
  • Flyers
  • Mugs
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Umbrellas
  • Bags
  • Keyrings
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Clothing
  • Giveaways
  • Notepads

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Corporate ID Samples

Below are some of identity designs we have recently created. (Click on an image to view a bigger version).

For other bespoke re-branding options, please contact us for a quote. See info (across) for formatting ideas.

Confused about the whole process of re-branding? See our Corporately Confused help section.
Corporate ID Design template formats

To view some leaflet and brochure printing templates, click on the image (above).

Corporate ID Offers

To get you off the starting post, we can offer you one of our low rate 'Stationery Starter Packs' (below)

Money saving Stationery Pack Basic
Service on offer at a reduced price
'Stationery Starter Pack' includes the design of:
  • Business Card (double sided)
  • Compliments Slip (single side)
  • Letterhead (single side)
(See some identity samples)
Saving money with our Stationery Pack Plus
'Stationery Pack Plus' includes the design of:
  • Company Logo (Symbol)
  • Business Card (double sided)
  • Compliments Slip (double sided)
  • Letterhead (double sided)
(See some identity samples)

company stationery printing service with UK free delivery

Price list - Business Cards: DL / Full CMYK Colour / SS or DS / 300gsm

Quantity Single Sided Double Sided
100 £42 £46
250 £49 £52
500 £59 £68
1000 £62 £90
2500 £70 £95
5000 £79 £99
10000 £120 £160
15000 £175 £250
12000 £225 £275

Price list - Compliment Slip: DL / Full CMYK Colour / Single Sided / 100gsm

Quantity DL
500 £85
1000 £121
2500 £176
5000 £248
10000 £336

Price list - Letterhead: DL / Full CMYK Colour / Single Sided / 100gsm

Quantity DL
250 £90
500 £140
1000 £170
2000 £225
5000 £295
10000 £425

For more information about company branding contact Magic Beans today - 01780 844 410 -

Corporately Confused?!

How to improve your company logo and branding
It is worthwhile taking time before proceeding with your re-branding operation. Consideration must be given to how and where your new image is to be implemented. If you need further guidance about branding your company, other than the advice we can offer, then visit This is an excellent website with information about the strategies and psychologies behind marketing your product or business.

Confused about the colours of your new ethos?
Follow this link and use its great colour palette generator. Simply select the tones you like, and it will produce for you a colour pallet to work from!

Stuck for your company name too?
Follow some of these links below, they are various name generators - if you can't find your new name there, you will certainly have a good laugh!

For more information about the Magic Beans' corporate ID design and printing services, don't hesitate to contact the Team

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