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Website Housekeeping

Web designer couple  housekeeping to improve visibility and search ranking
Have you had a new website designed which you would like to appear high in the Internet Search Engines?


Do you have an existing website which has dropped its position in the Internet Search Engines?

To achieve a good response from your website, you will need to do a little housekeeping every few months or as often as you can. A website should be in a constant process of development, if you desire the best success from it.

Some things to consider with new or existing web pages:

  1. A new website will take some time to appear strongly in Google and other search engines. Until your website gains trust, popularity and strength on the internet, try using Google AdWords (pay per click) to improve your initial 'footfall'. How do I begin this?

  2. Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) will help you to achieve better search engine results; check with your website designer if this service has been applied or not (with most web design companies, this is an additional cost). What is Organic SEO?
    SEO, although a very powerful tool, can be a slow process so you will have to be patient. You cannot expect that one SEO application will be a finite end*
    * Starter SEO campaigns are applied in programmed stages, over the course of several months+. To apply only a small amount of optimisation to a website does not mean it will gain page one ranking status in Google and other internet search engines! It means, it will give your website a better chance to achieve such status.

    Search Engine success can be obtainable if:
    1. Your initial, applied SEO is complete and you have given your website sufficient time to propagate in the internet search engines.
    2. There is realistic competition for your keyword search terms
    3. Your website comes with good authority
    4. Your content is unique, useful, visually and mentally stimulating and most importantly that it hooks your viewer to convert through prominent offers and call-to-actions

    Detailed re-tweaking of your website will always be necessary to establish and maintain your ideal position on the web. (If an SEO company does offer you prophecies of unbounded, instant successes, be careful that they will not be attaching you to one of their Link Farms, as this is a dependency system - What are Link Farms? Read more. Also beware that they have not purchased your business keywords via Google AdWords and passing it off as applied SEO!

  3. A website can become stagnant over time, if you do not keep generating new content and attracting people to your website; at least one major change or addition per month is advised.

  4. Having relative inbound links (backlinks; other websites pointing to you) is very, very important if you want a powerful website. How do I improve this? Read more.

Have you unexpectedly dropped in your Google rankings over night?!

Analyse the Google algorithm changes to keep up-to-date with your performance. Major changes by Google can effect your entire site and search engine visibility. See the latest Google algorithm changes 2014.

A single page or your entire website can suddenly be ignored

Something major could be wrong and you will need to test every page for errors. Test your website's performance via our DIY section or contact us immediately to analyse your website for any potential errors.

If you would like to discuss any of these items or anything else, hesitate to contact Magic Beans today - 01780 844 410 -

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Don't get hooked by SEO companies fishing for your Website

“Your website has a major error... etc, etc”

Quite a common occurrence of owning a website is the persistent "SEO fishing" e-mails.

There are thousands upon thousands of Search Engine Optimisation companies out there attempting to contact you about your website - suggesting "poor response in the Internet search engines for your specific business keywords" or "I have done an assessment on your website and i have found a major error which needs urgent attention" etc, etc.

Mostly, these e-mails are a complete scam, sometimes an extremely well-tailored, automated e-mail designed to scare you and cast doubt about your website's immediate future.
It is always best to ignore these type of fishing messages or simply contact us with anything you may be unsure about.

If you have not already done so, and would really like to keep your website up-to-date with its SEO potential, contact us today. We can put your business on one of our SEO Monitoring and / or Development Programs, designed to accurately track and build your website's performance month on month.

If you would like to discuss developing your website's future or anything else regarding SEO technology, contact Magic Beans today - 01780 844 410 -

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Business Indexing Campaigns

Business indexing campaign company UK
Business indexing is one of the most powerful tools to building your website's profile and strength on the internet. Business index campaigns are an effective form of "backlinking"; attaining relative links, all be it votes for your website. The more relevant votes a website has, the more important search engines regard it and promote its information.

Implemented correctly, business indexes make great stepping stones to your website. Effectively acting like miniature web pages, springboarding untapped and potential customers to specific areas.

There are hundreds of business indexing websites out there, some of which are very useful and most of which are a complete waste of time. Magic Beans has, over the years, refined an exclusive list of the most powerful business index systems which we make available to our clients. Let us compile a tactical indexing program for your business and begin to establish your place and presence on the worldwide web. Indexing campaigns can be made to suit any budget.

If you would like to discuss developing your website's future or anything else regarding SEO technology, contact Magic Beans today - 01780 844 410 -

How do I know who is looking at my site?

Google Analytics management and reports

hire a Google analytics service management company
When you use Magic Beans for website devlopment, we automatically open you a Google Analytics account. A Google Analytics account enables you to get vital statistics about your website like: how many people visit, what page did they come in on and on which page did they leave your website. You can also see from where in the world people are viewing your website from and a whole load of other stuff to keep you entertained. Part of this Google service also facilitates how well Google sees your site, so it is well worth finding out a little more!

This service also provides the you ability of creating a Google Adwords and Adsense account, where you can start advertising on Google. If you require more information please see our Google AdWords Management page or contact us.

DIY - How to get better search engine results?

Improving your search engine listing needs total commitment if you are attempting it yourself. We have outlined below some useful information to get your organic SEO campaign started. If you would like some assistance in managing your own SEO campaign please contact us on - Tel: 01780 844 410.

  • Test your website's page rank success by visiting and see how you perform. Tt's a good indicator of how valued.

  • A great website marketing can tell you much about your site and how well it's put together. The website grader at will inform youany basic wrong-doings and give you a score on your sites overall performance.

  • Visit 'Who Links 2 Me' where you can find out some basic information about your web domain and the site's cached content etc.

  • To analyse your websites overall performance see

  • For a more in-depth examination of your website's structure and potential problems see:
  • To see who is linking to your website "backlinking" see:

  • Improving the load time of your website will also enhance your web traffic and can help to keep your 'bounce rate' to a minimum. To check the load time of your website see: Pingdom Tools - Full page test.

  • Validating your website by W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium) can also improve your success on the web. Checking that your XHTML and CSS coding is correct for universal rendering. This should be a constant concern to ensure that your code is being interpreted correctly. For more information on website validation see: Avangats's Website Usability page. To check that your website's XHTML code is valid visit:, to check the CSS code is valid visit
    Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional   Valid CSS!

  • It is important to identify your website's keywords, keywords help search engines to acknowledge your site and bring it to the correct user searches. A useful tool for testing your keyword density can be found at

  • See how search engines see your site

  • Your internal link structuring is also of high importance, too many or too few links can be damaging to your website's success. It is key that you have an acceptable amount of useful links. Test your internal links, good or bad, at

  • Testing your website for broken links is often overlooked and a major cause for a loss in Search Engine interest. Test your website with the Online Broken Link Checker, visit

  • You might have some banned links on your website, preventing a successful caching from the search engines. Test your links here

  • information on search engine submissionSearch Engine Submission. Many search engines charge you to list your site with them and some of these can be expensive. There is no need to do this, as there are loads of free search engine lists. The main engines, which I’m sure you have heard of are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista and Ask there a few others which also need some consideration.
  • Reading Webconfs 15 minute SEO is a must-read for DIY SEO, where you can view a list of key factors that search engines consider when grading a website.

If you would like to discuss developing your website's future or anything else regarding SEO technology, contact Magic Beans today - 01780 844 410 -
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